Texas School Counselor Association


What is TSCA?

TSCA is a division of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), a large association of Texas counselors who are represented in 12 different divisions. TSCA is the division of TCA that addresses the needs of the professional school counselor.

Who joins TSCA?

  • A certified school counselor who wants a professional identity joins TSCA.
  • A certified school counselor who wants to further the profession by influencing legislation affecting the school setting joins TSCA.
  • College professors who prepare school counselors join TSCA.
  • Counselor supervisors who advocate for the profession join TSCA.
  • Any professional who has an interest in the academic and personal success of Texas children is encouraged to join TSCA.

How can a counselor join TSCA?

You must be a TCA member to join TSCA. Join Today!


The mission of TSCA is to support Texas School Counselors through leadership, advocacy, and professional development.


TSCA is the voice for Texas School Counselors!

Brief History

In 1966, the Texas School Counselor Association was chartered as one of two divisions of what was at the time known as the Texas Personnel and Guidance Association. Louise Dooley served as the first president. Since Texas had passed standards for certification of school counselors in 1955, there had been a real need for such an association.

TSCA has worked closely with its parent organization, the Texas Counseling Association, and through collaborative efforts, the two organizations have helped pass significant bills through the Texas Legislature, starting with the Elementary Counselor Act in 1990. The following year the Texas Evaluation Model for School Counselors was developed, and in 1999 updated school counselor certification standards were codified. The School Counselor & Counseling Program Law (TEC, Ch 33 A) was passed in 2001. More recently, TCA and TSCA collaborated to help include school counselors in the 65% rule, thereby strengthening school counseling programs in the state.

As the largest division of TCA, the Texas School Counselor Association provides a wealth of services to members. Each November at the TCA Conference, TSCA holds an annual association meeting and luncheon. All of our member services help provide leadership and professional energy to TCA, because every member we recruit must join our parent organization as well. Several important pieces of legislation have been passed through the joint efforts of TCA and TSCA, including adoption of the Texas Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program by the Texas Education Association.

TSCA hosts its combined conference in the spring for secondary and elementary counselors. The quality of the conference is at a consistently high level, and counselors are able to complete most if not all of their yearly requirements for professional development through attendance. The cost of the conference is about 1/3 the cost of attendance at a national conference.

The TSCA website provides additional resources, including Power Point presentations and handouts from speakers' presentations. Each year, TSCA provides professional recognition to all levels of counselors, their supervisors, and their supporters. Our Human Rights Art Contest is open to students at all levels; winners receive monetary prizes. TSCA also provides numerous scholarships to high school seniors, as well as graduate students working toward their studies and certification in school counseling.

As the largest and one of the oldest divisions of the Texas Counseling Association, TSCA serves a membership of more than 2,000. In addition, TSCA provides professional development and support to an even larger group of professionals through its annual conference. In terms of advocacy and dissemination of information to members, TSCA has been exemplary as a division of the Texas Counseling Association